Team at VC Day is working in a collaborative effort with goal to provide open & low-pressure event for any startup founder looking to network with VCs in a casual setting.

Each team member is passionate about increasing the activities in their region. Click on “calendar icon” to access to events calendar in each region.

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Interested in bringing VC Day to your city? Reach out to Cindy @ Stout Street Capital.

Hosts that hosted

Cindy Ho

Stout Street Capital

Clay Gordon

Stout Street Capital

John Francis

Stout Street Capital

Darrel Frater

Serac Ventures

Kavya Sharman

Phase Capital

Claudius Taylor


Jeff Amerine

Startup Junkie

NWA Apr 2024

Joshua Wylie

Venture Partners

Upcoming Portland, OR May 2024

Caroline Gash

Irish Angels

Chicago Upcoming June 2024